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Digital Systems & Service Ltd

22 Hay Close - Great Oakley
Corby - Northamptonshire
NN18 8HX

Telephone : +44 1536 460 724

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About Digital Systems

Digital Systems is an ISO9000 accredited, privately owned company whose emulation solutions span Military, Nuclear, Aerospace, Mass Transport (Air Traffic & Sub-Surface), Logistics and Commercial Engineering/production plants. And in addition to supplying Emulation solutions, Digital Systems also provides 'next working' day On-Site Service coverage for the installations.

To date, the installations supplied and supported by the Digital Systems team cover a geographic area that includes Britain, Ireland, Spain, Scandinavia, Russia, Germany, the Netherlands, and Saudi Arabia.

VAX emulation and pdp -11 solutions

Contact Details

Tel:    +44 1536 460724
Fax:   +44 1536 461165
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