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PDP-11 'Solutions'

Digital Systems' predicate their Q-bus and Uni-bus solutions on the Osprey Hardware Emulator from Strobe Data. Some solutions can be built within a 'Stand Al one' Server class PC. Many solutions however have to retain the functionality of customised 3 rd Party controllers. In these situations the boards are simply removed form the original hardware and installed into a RackMount Osprey Chassis, (RMOC), which has integral Q-bus/Uni-bus backplane incorporated. (See 'Re-Engineered' and 'Re-Design' Services).

Partial Emulation

VAX emulation and pdp -11 solutions

Investment 'stack' applied to 'Osprey' solution

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PDP-11 Emulations that require the retention of controllers/adapter for the 'Solution' are described as ' Partial Emulation '. In these cases the controllers are removed from the old PDP-11 chassis and inserted into the Q-Bus backplane internal to the Rack Mount Osprey Chassis, (RMOC).

The Q-bus/Uni-bus Fibrechannel adapter provides the physical and electrical connection between the Osprey card and the Q-bus backplane.

In those cases where all of the previous adapters and controllers have been emulated there is no permanent requirement for the Q-Bus/Unibus Adapter to be retained. However, the Adapter is necessary in those cases where the 'Image' needs to be copied from the original enclosure, or where connection to an external Q-bus/Uni-bus backplane is required .

Fully Emulated

VAX emulation and pdp -11 solutions

Investment 'stack' applied to 'Fully Emulated' solution.

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